golf nets
Dura-Pro PlusTM
Residential Golf Cage Set-Up Instructions


(1) Keep pets and unconcerned children away.

(2) Keep spectators out of swing range.

(3) Increase distance from target or backdrop only with proficiency increase.
Purchase 12 - 10' lengths of 1" steel electrical conduit (EMT) to build the frame.

Figure 1 - How To Erect The Frame

Lay out the 10' tubes - 4 verticals and 8 horizontal tubes.

Position and connect all bottom tubes to the 3-way corner connectors in the rear, then the 2-way corners in the front.

Place 3-way corners on top of vertical tubes and insert the vertical tubes in the 3-way corners on the ground.

Install backside horizontal tube, then tighten connectors.

Before attaching side horizontal tubes, slide both T-connectors over both horizontal tubes on the backside of the frame.

Using a ladder, (have someone help you), attach the remaining horizontal tubes except the one between the T-connectors.

Undo a top rear corner and insert the 10' tube between the T's about 12" in front of the back horizontal tube and reconnect the corner at the same time. Tighten all connectors.

Figure 2 - How To Hang Net

Attach S-Hooks, located at the upper back of the net (where back-drop joins top of net), to upper back eye hooks.

Hook top front S-Hooks to upper front eye hooks.

Hook lower front S-Hooks and lower back S-Hooks. Then adjust the front adjustable cord.

Attach the top of the baffle by attaching the top cords, with plastic, to the cross tube, that is about 12" in front of the rear of the frame.