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GreenStick Golf Fitness Trainer

LASER Technology helps you execute efficent excercises to fix your Golf swing TODAY!

    The GreenStick will correct these various swing faults:

  • Reverse Pivot- weak back hip and leg muscles

  • Back & forward sway of the pelvis- weak hip muscles (gluts)

  • Losing spine angle- weak lumbo-sacral paraspinal muscles (back muscles)

  • Not transferring weight back & forward appropriately- weak hip and leg muscles & poor balance

  • Not rotating the torso/shoulders- weak abdominal and oblique muscles

  • Too much arm swing- weak abdominal and oblique muscles

GreenStick Golf Fitness Trainer

Golfing is a big part of our lives.

Whether it is just for the sport, for competition or just for relaxation... ...But are you struggling with your golf game to the point of frustration? That constant struggle can be a very helpless feeling. Sometimes you can try to fill your bag with every club in town to try and solve your problems and still find yourself going nowhere.

The Green Stick uses LASER technology to ensure that you are properly executing each individual excercise. Two lasers at each end of the stick are used to reinforce the proper golf swing.

Maybe itís not your clubs.

Is it possible that your body is unable to perform a proper or professional golf swing? A typical golfer takes lessons, buys new expensive clubs or just accepts his struggle on the golf course. A professional golf swing requires tremendous amount of strength, coordination and balance yet many of us do not naturally possess these attributes. They need to be developed.

You could go to the gym and workout to do the strengthening, which is a great thing but do you have the time? In fact, this might not be the most efficient and effective type of exercise to perform to improve the golf swing.

The GreenStick Golf Fitness Trainer is what you need!

GreenStick Golf Fitness Trainer

There are six phases to the GreenStick Golf exercise program.

In Phase 1, the GreenStick is placed on your upper back. You then rotate your upper body/shoulders to the top of your backswing and then down and through to your finish. During this golf motion you practice rotating your torso and shifting your weight to your back leg during your backswing and shifting the body weight forward on your downswing. GreenStick Golf Fitness Trainer The lasers, located on both ends of the GreenStick, will let you know if you are losing spine angle, swaying or out of plane during the swing. If the laser moves off of the reflective strip placed on the floor then you know immediately that you are doing something wrong. Once you accomplish Phase 1 of this exercise consistently you move into Phase 2.
GreenStick Golf Fitness Trainer

Phases 2-6, adding an exercise resistant tubing to the GreenStick

The GreenStick Resistant Tubing will increase the loading of the muscles specifically used in the golf swing. In the remaining four phases, elements are added to challenge the golfer by increasing the resistance and complexity of the exercise. Once you accomplish the six phases of the exercise program consistently, your muscles are now ready to learn a proper full golf swing. For the serious conditioned athlete and golfer, the golfer can add rocker boards and wobble boards for a more challenging exercise and even better results.
The GreenStick is made of a powder-coated steel tubing with a u-hook welded to the end so that the elastic exercise tubing can be easily attached. There is a nylon strap with a steel D-ring to be inserted into any door by the hinge. This provides an anchor in order to attach the other end of the exercise tubing. Also supplied is a 12 foot white vinyl reflective strip. This is to be placed on the floor in order to ensure that the laser is maintained on a straight line. If the laser is maintained on a straight line then your motion is correctly in plane and reinforces the proper swing. GreenStick Golf Fitness Trainer

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