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The Egan Golf Center Training System
A Touch Activated Multi-Use Training System
Continental U.S. Only

egan golf center training system
No compromise. Every time the Golf Center catches your eye you will be overcome by a desire to improve your golf.

From the exterior aesthetic features to the patented mechanism design, the latest golf technology is brought to life by precision engineering and craftsmanship in its purest form.

Golf Center is the first in the range of innovative products from Egan Golf. Golf Center allows you to concentrate solely on your swing while improving your rhythm and tempo development.

Golf Center will activate with a simple touch to the top of your ball magazine, and immediately tee your first ball. On each drive of the following 20 balls, expect another to be delivered to your tee.

Golf Center will help you achieve a quality workout every training session.

The Golf Center Training System Includes:
  1. Unique touch activation technology
  2. A Golf Center training unit
  3. A Ball Magazine
  4. An integrated Multiuse green for driving, chipping and putting
  5. A chipping target
  6. A choice of a junior practice net or professional net
  7. Two tee heights
  8. Three balls
  9. A rechargeable battery with 12/v mains charger
  10. 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty
Egan Golf Center Training System

Egan Golf Center Training System Features & Benefits
  • Patented touch-activated device designed to remove the need for bending down during training or while training students

  • Patented multiuse green for driving, chipping and putting

  • Will facilitate rhythm and tempo development along with a quality workout

  • Concentrate on your swing and not teeing the ball

  • No maintenance, its simple to setup and easy to use whether you are right or left handed

  • Suitable for golfers of all ages and abilities

Golf Center Construction

The Golf Center training system is made from an engineered selection of quality materials combined with a verity of modern manufacturing methods.

The external components are virtually indestructible high impact injection moulding ABS and steel material, whereas the main mechanism is made from mild steel & stainless steel making it the most durable product of its type.

All other components are constructed with the same care and engineering detail.

Ball Magazine

The Egan Golf ball magazine is designed to completely replace the need for regular bending during your practice sessions with Golf Center.

The Golf Center Ball magazine holds 20 balls and is equipped with a smooth resistant free ball pickup mechanism yet safe to use on greens without causing damage.

The durable plastic makes ball magazine nearly indestructible when used correctly.

Multiuse Green & Driving Mat

The Egan Golf team have crafted a patented composite rubber and synthetic grass mat bonded with a unique patented compound that directly mimic's the characteristics of chipping from the fairway for both the Multiuse Green and Driving Mat.

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