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golf cages
Dura-Pro PlusTM
High VelocityTM Golf Cage
10' tall x 10' wide x 10' deep - Indoor/Outdoor

High Velocity NettingTM
The 30-Minute Non-Rusting Golf Cage Kit

Built Strong To Last ~ Looks Great Year After Year!

  • 10' tall x 10' wide x 10' deep

  • Double backstop golf cage (Baffle)

  • Will not rust! Looks great year after year!

  • At last a golf cage that lasts! No metal corners to strip out or rust!

  • The 30-Minute Golf Cage - EASY UP! - EASY DOWN!

  • Made from 100% extremely tight woven urethane impregnated DuPont nylon black knotless netting to prevent snagging, resist shrinking, or absorbing water.

  • Resists Rotting

  • UV Treated for the longest life of any net on the market today!

This commercial grade do-it-yourself kit includes durable dupont nylon netting, eye hooks, corner kit, and instruction sheet for indoor or outdoor installation.

The netting is heavy duty commercial netting MADE IN THE USA

We do not use cheap nets from China!

8-Piece PVC Connector Kit Will Not Break or Rust
The Dura-Pro PlusTM PVC Connector Kit allows you to construct a versatile, non-rusting, free-standing cage that can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Our Indoor/Outdoor golf cage is easily moved or disassembled and reassembled if necessary.

  • The Dura-ProTM PVC Connector Kit contains the 3-way corners. These corners are made specially for us and cannot be purchased in stores.

  • You will need to purchase eleven 10 foot lengths of 1½" diameter PVC pipe. This is available from a local home center store (Home Depot or Lowe's) or plumbing supply store. (It will cost approximately $30-35 for your poles.)

For Outdoor Windy Areas
Every cage comes

with a FREE

Dura-Pro PlusTM

Stake Down Kit

High Velocity Netting!TM

Double Backstop
The Dura-Pro PlusTM Residential Golf Cage Kit includes a double backstop! This is an extra-durable Dupont nylon net panel that will hang in front of the back panel to double the life of the golf cage!

The backstop section receives most of the wear. Installing the double backstop will also increase the safety of the golf cage. It will soften the hitting area to absorb even the strongest drives!
High Velocity NettingTM

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High Velocity Netting!TM
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Temporarily Unavailable

Fits all Dura-Pro Cages as well as all
all other brands of 10x10x10 cages!


10x10x10 Net and
10x10 Double Backstop Panel
Heavy Duty Commercial Nylon Netting


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