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Bickler Putting Trainer

The Tour's Best Kept Secret!

Bickler Putting Trainer...Used by More than 100 PGA, LPGA, and Champion PGA Tour Players Worldwide!

The innovative Bickler Putting Trainer will teach any golfer to maintain a constant and proper angle between the forearm and the putter shaft so that the face of the putter is always square to the ball at impact.
  • Bickler Putting Trainers feature:
  • Use with any standard putter
  • Teaches you to maintain a square-to-square path
  • Develop a rhythmical, firm, and consistent putting stroke
  • The Bickler is fully adjustable to fit your forearm and your putting style

3 Easy Steps to Better, More Consistent Putting:
  1. Hold the Bickler with the curved flange pointed up so that the assembly resembles the letter "V". Firmly press the Bicklerís pointed tab down into the small hole on the upper end of the grip of your putter

  2. Hold the putter with your usual grip and rest your right forearm (left forearm for left-handed golfers) against the curved flange. Align the club so that the center of the palm of your hand lines up with the metal rod below the flange

  3. Maintain gentle pressure on your forearm and the center of the palm of your hand as you take a stroke with the putter. Regular, continued practice will help you develop a rhythmical, firm, and consistent stroke
Make A Solid, Connected Stroke, Just Like The Pros!

Bickler Putting Trainer

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