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ReFiner Angle Iron
Includes Instructional DVD

Angle Iron The Angle Iron is a multi-purpose golf training club that offers 4 lessons in one Golf Club:
  • The Short Game
  • Tempo and Timing
  • Creating More Power
  • Eliminating your Slice
  • Endorsed by Golf Digest schools
  • Right Hand Only
Trains your hands to feel and react perfectly through impact.

How often have you been told, “Don’t hit TO the ball, hit THROUGH it!”?

By locking the clubhead at one of five positions, the player is forced to keep the hands set and low until contact is made with the ball.

Adjusts to a 3, 5, 7 and 9 iron, plus Sand Wedge settings that lock into place with a simple turn of the dial the Angle Iron
    "Throughout my Golfing career and experiences, I've been exposed to hundreds of Golf Products and Training Aids.

    The AngleIron is by far, the most brilliant golf training aid on the market. It helps you develop power, stops slicing, and is the best short-game trainer ever."
    ----- Gary Koch

    Butch Harmon, Sports Illustrated "Teacher of the Year" and Instructor to Tiger Woods says..."The Angle Iron is so good, you should never practice without it!"

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