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A Game Your Pro Swing Trainer

Includes Instructional DVD

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The Your Pro Swing Trainer is the most versatile training aid in golf. With over 50 uses the Your Pro has been purchased by the most famous teachers in the world and has helped literally thousands of golfers. One top 3 teacher in the world called the Your Pro "the finest training aid in golf" at a PGA Teaching Coaching Summit.

The 'A' Game Your Pro now has three arms as opposed to two, new material that allows the arms to slide much easier and is a much more stable product.

Developed by PGA Teaching Professional Jim Karr and golf enthusiast Tony Owens, no other product is as efficient when it comes to learning swing path.

A Game Your Pro Swing Trainer's three movable arms can be positioned so you have no choice but to swing on a perfect path.

Regardless of your style of swinging or teaching, the A Game Your Pro Swing Trainer can be set to dramatically improve:
  • shoulder turn
  • wrist cock
  • arm extension
  • club head lag
  • length of swing
  • angle of attack
  • punch shots
  • chipping and much more!
  • Includes Jim Karr's instructional DVD to help you get comfortable with the many uses of this great golf training aid

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A Game Your Pro Swing Trainer

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