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NEW 2011 SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS Rangefinder

#1 Rangefinder in Golf
Continental U.S. Only


SkyCaddie SG5 Golf Rangefinder

The SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS Rangefinder gives you an eagle's eye view of the hole to provide critical distances you need to play confidently and shoot lower scores.

SkyGolf’s advanced GPS technology is integrated with the very best Swiss engineering to provide unmatched reliability.

The SG5 includes SkyGolf’s patented IntelliGreen® technology, enabling golfers to measure the full depth and shape of the green from any angle of approach and shows distances for all targets and hazards on any of SkyGolf’s many thousands of professionally mapped courses.

Its vibrant color display features automatic backlighting to ensure easy readability indoors and outdoors.

Features for SkyCaddie SG5

Optional SkyCaddie SG5 Accessories

SkyCaddie SG5
Carrying Case

More InfoThe SkyCaddie SG5 Carrying Case protects your SkyCaddie when not in use.


SkyCaddie SG5
Golf Bag Mount

More InfoMount your SkyCaddie SG5 onto your bag with this convenient bag mount, designed for golfers who carry their bag as they walk.

The mount strap is made of sturdy nylon with a plastic fastener. A loop on the strap allows you to clip your holster onto the mount.

One bag mount fits all golf bag sizes.

*Clip and holster not included.



SkyCaddie SG5
Temporary Cart Mount

More InfoThe SkyCaddie SG5 Removable Cart-Mount Kit lets you attach your SkyCaddie onto a golf cart for use during a round of golf.

The temporary, adjustable clamp holds the SkyCaddie in perfect position for viewing, easy access and optimal accuracy.



SkyCaddie SG5
Permenant Cart Mount

More InfoThe SkyCaddie SG5 Permanent Cart-Mount Kit lets you attach your SkyCaddie onto a golf cart permanently.

It holds the SkyCaddie in perfect position for viewing, easy access and optimal accuracy.



NEW Features!
2011 SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS Rangefinder

QuickVue - Quick, virtual road map to help any golfer develop a smart plan of attack on every hole
HoleVue - Displays a graphical image of a hole using SkyGolf's reliable ground-mapping process
IntelliGreenPro - Displays distances to major tiers, contours, false fronts and mounds from your angle of approach to the green.
Automatic depth of green from angle of approach*
Digital clock*
A digital scorecard*
My Par Scoring Option
20 course storage capacity*
Auto Shot Distance Display*
* Advanced features available with professionally-mapped courses included in optional membership plans


Keep track of your round with the new SkyCaddie Digital Scorecard!

Just enter your handicap into the preferences and the pars for your handicap are automatically highlighted in the digital scorecard.

The NEW SKYCADDIE SG5 Still Has These Great Features:
TruePoint GPS Technology Pro Series, Golf's most accurate GPS engine
Ultra-fast satellite acquisition
Measures in yards or meters
Mark your ball: know the distance you hit any shot
Mapping module for front, center, back of greens
Upgradeable designs for software and features enhancements
Access to CaddieSync™, SkyCaddie's desktop application for managing courses and account information
Access to the most up-to-date, most accurate, most reliable and complete map library*
Library approx. 30,000 courses worldwide by end of 2010*
Auto Target advance
Auto hole advance
Auto course selection
Rugged, water resistant case
Easy to use, one-handed operation
Customizable target view screen**
Distances to front, center and back of green from any angle of approach dynamically**
Moveable IntelliGreen crosshairs to get distances to any point on the green for precise approach shots**
Instant distances to greens, hazards, fairway target and layups**
Patented IntelliGreen® Technology**
Distance to up to 40 hazards or target per hole**

SkyCaddie SG5 - What's Included

1 SkyCaddie programmable GPS rangefinder
1 USB Cable for connectivity with your PC
1 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (up to 14 hours)
1 Wall Charger
1 heavy-duty belt clip
LCD Screen Protectors
Quick Start Guide

Minimum System Requirements

PC with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Vista 32 & 64 Bit
Mac OS 10.3.9 or above, Intel or PowerPC processor
256 MB of RAM
4 MB of available hard disk space
Available PC USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
Internet access
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

SkyCaddie SG5 Screenshots

SkyGolf’s exclusive IntelliGreen technology gives you an eagle’s view of each hole from anywhere on the course. See the crosshair? You can reposition it to get the distance to any point on the green. The graphic rotates, so you get front carry and back yardages and the view of the green from your line of approach, all at the same time.

The ultimate in simplicity. You’ll always know how far you are from the center of the green. Even if you can’t see it! Try doing that with a laser rangefinder!

How far did you hit that drive? 5-iron, 9-iron or wedge? The SkyCaddie can tell you with a simple touch of a button.

What is the safe distance to layup short of the water to set up an easy shot to the green? It’s all right here. Good course management starts with knowing the right distances.

With the SkyCaddie, whether you see the bunker or not, you can always play a safe shot. The SkyCaddie will tell you the distance to either layup in front of, or fly right over, any trouble. Now, by learning to target the large safe zones on a hole, you can start eliminating those 6s, 7s and 8s from your scorecard

Further customize the SkyCaddie by choosing one of several user-selectable color theme options.

Only SkyCaddie's powerful

IntelliGreen Technology

automatically rotates the shape of the

green to match your angle of approach.

This powerful technology gives you a

chance to turn every shot into a scoring

opportunity by providing not only the

front, carry and back distance but the

depth of green from your line,

just like a Tour Caddie.

Frequently Asked SkyCaddie SG5 Questions
Can I record my own course using the SG5?
Yes. If you do not want a membership and your course is not already available, you can record the front, center and back of each green with your SkyCaddie’s quick set up module included at no extra charge. By investing less than 10 seconds on the center of each green when you play your next round at your favorite course, you will never look for another sprinkler head or marker. You can also record the front and back of each green if you so desire in a few more seconds. After this simple set up, turn on the SkyCaddie and it will automatically provide distances to each green for the entire round without touching a button. It’s literally a “virtual sprinkler head” everywhere you can hit a ball. However, most golfers have chosen one of our modestly priced memberships because of its incredible value. The membership offers so much value for such a modest price(starting at $29.95/year), and our experience has shown that almost all golfers elect to be a member even if their course is not yet available.
How can I see more than front, center, and back of the green on the SG5?
You will need to download a 4-star, or a 3-star professional SkyCourse to your SkyCaddie. These SkyCourses are available through a SkyPlayer Club Membership Plan. Some of the 2-star courses may also have more than green target information.
Can the SG5 track my scores and provide statistics on my round?
No. The SkyCaddie has been simplified to provide you with all of the distances you need to play your best golf. Consider it as the next generation rangefinder.
Can I use the SG5 to determine the distance of my shots?
Yes. All you need to do is press a button before you hit your shot, and then press the button again at your ball to see the distance of your shot, and your playing partners as well. Please refer to the Ball Mark feature in your user’s manual.
What is DirectConnect?
DirectConnect is an online method of logging into your personal “My SkyCaddie” page to access your Playlists and SkyCourses. The “My SkyCaddie” page is created when you sign up for a SkyPlayer Membership Plan.
Is the SG5’s battery rechargeable? How long does the battery last on one charge?
Yes, the SG5 uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. On a full charge, expect more than 12 hours of continuous play.
Does the SG5 automatically come with the courses I want?
No, but you have two ways to get the courses you want. First, the SG3 includes a special feature to make it very easy (less than 10 seconds on the green of each hole) to set up your course to measure distances to the green. SkyCaddy also offers 3 modestly priced membership plans that offer a number of benefits and access to course information on thousands of professionally mapped SkyCourses online.
Can I share my personal SkyCourses with a friend who has a SkyCaddie?
Yes. In order to share your personal courses, all you have to do is submit them to us through your “My SkyCaddie” page and they will be added to the online SkyCourse collection for your friends to download.
Can I use the SG5 indoors, like a cell phone?
No. It needs to be outside to receive GPS satellite signals.
Is the SG5 waterproof?
The SG3 is water-resistant, which allows for play in adverse weather conditions.
Does the SG5 support your IntelliGreen technology?
Yes. The IntelliGreen module is a standard feature of the SG5. However, you can see the IntelliGreen graphics only if you have downloaded and installed a 4-star SkyCourse on your SkyCaddie.
Is the SG5 easy to use?
Yes. The SkyCaddie is as easy to use as a remote control or cell phone. If all you want are distances to the green, just turn it on and you won’t need to touch another button throughout your round. The SG5 automatically advances to the hole you’re on and displays the same information you’d find on a sprinkler head, regardless of where you hit your ball. More advanced menu options are available, but are no more difficult to select than surfing channels with a remote control. Within 5-10 minutes of reading the Quick Start Guide or using the SG5 on a single round, you’ll be an expert. You’ll find that with the SG5, you’ll make better club selections, play better golf and save time. With an annual SkyPlayer Club Membership Plan, you can easily download thousands of our professionally enabled SkyCourses. Or if you spend less than 10 seconds on each green to record it for use with the SG5 and the next time you play your favorite course, you will have a “yardage marker” wherever you hit your ball. Just turn the SG5 on when you get to the course, let it warm up outside with a clear view of the sky and in a few short minutes you’re ready to head to the 1st tee with all the accurate information you need to play smarter, faster and have more fun!
Can the SG5 give me the distance to the pin?
According to professional golfers, the distance to the pin is the least important part of what a golfer needs to play a smart shot to the green. The SG5, using the IntelliGreen graphics found on the professionally recorded SkyCourses, provides more useful information than just the distance to the pin alone. Once the line of play is selected on the graphical green outline, this provides the minimum carry to get on the green, the maximum limit you have to the back of the green, plus you can adjust to obtain the third distance of the approximate flag location using a pinsheet supplied by your course or visual observation. All three distances are provided simultaneously from any direction as you approach the green. You can then frame your shot in a much larger target area and select the best club. You will hit more greens and have shorter putts than a single number can provide.
What information will the SG5 give me?
If you use a course that you or another golfer have created, you will get yardages to the center or the front, center, and back of each green. It's like having a sprinkler head wherever you hit a golf shot. However, if you opt to use a professionally recorded SkyCourse through a membership plan, you will receive up to 40 targets per hole, including tee, layup, and green targets that were determined by our certified mappers to be important to the majority of golfers. You'll get distances to carries, bunkers, and other points that will come into play — the same information a professional caddie would give you for the hole. Also, the SkyCaddie's proprietary IntelliGreen feature is included with professionally-recorded 4-star courses, which allow you to measure to hundreds of points on a green.
What comes in the box?
The box includes the SkyCaddie SG5, a USB cable for connectivity, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, belt clip, quick start guide, and wall charger. Registration and the latest software updates. Other accessories are available to purchase separately.


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