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Swing Path ST Golf Training Aid

The Swing Path/ST is a golf training aid that is specifically designed to target and correct the swing flaws that cause you to slice the ball.

It's so simple you do not even have to actually practice hitting a golf ball to know if it is working... just swing!

The Swing Path/ST Features:
  • The Swing Path ST provides immediate feedback you are not swinging on plane - your club will hit the pole!

  • The spring mounted flexible pole will flex away from you as the club collides with the pole

  • The pole will then automatically flex back upright and you are ready to swing again

  • When you finish with a high swing back and around your left shoulder you will miss the pole, knowing your swing was down line.

  • It is very portable and can be used in your yard, off a practice mat and at the range.

  • Use Indoors or Outdoors

  • Will not cause damage to clubs

  • Made from durable PVC

  • Easy to assemble two-piece construction - fill the base with sand and then screw the flex-pole into the base.

Incorrect Swing
Correct Swing

Swing Path ST Golf Training Aid

Stand Alone Unit

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