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Hank Haney Plane Finder

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PlaneFinder Teaches
the Proper Swing Plane Instantly

It's the next best thing to taking hours of lessons with Hank Haney

The concept of swinging the golf club on the proper plane was first articulated by Ben Hogan in his classic 1957 instructional book, "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf." Years later, legendary teacher Hank Haney has made swinging on plane the cornerstone of his work with Tour players and high handicappers alike. And now, along with inventor Rusty Pies, Haney has created the PlaneFinder, a unique and innovative device that provides immediate feedback if the club deviates from the proper plane on both the backswing and downswing.

"The beauty of the PlaneFinder is that you find out immediately what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong," said Haney. "And then by making subtle adjustments to the swing, every golfer can quickly discover their proper plane and how to remain on it. There's a big difference between feel and real and the Plane Finder never lies."

Tour players and golf instructors alike know that swinging on the proper plane is the key to effortless power, laser-like accuracy and, most of all, consistency. You improve all of those aspects in very short order as their swing plane improves. Not only can they use the PlaneFinder during practice sessions at the range but at home as well. And, the PlaneFinder works equally well with every club in your bag, from lob wedge to driver. It's the next best thing to taking hours of lessons with Hank Haney himself!

You can use the PlaneFinder with every club in your bag from a lob wedge to a driver.

The PlaneFinder works by finally allowing you to FEEL where the swing plane is. Until now the only way to practice swinging on plane was using video or a mirror.

Hank Haney's PlaneFinder has changed the way golfers of all skill will learn to improve their swing. "The revolutionary PlaneFinder allows you to learn with three of your senses, feel sight, and sound." When you come in contact with PlaneFinder indicators you can feel that you hit them, you can see the indicators that moved, and you can hear when you come in contact with the PlaneFinder indicators.

The PlaneFinder gives you instant feedback on every swing you make, allowing you to build an effortless repeating golfing swing, And shoot lower scores.

It's the next best thing to having a personal lesson with Hank Haney anytime you want, anywhere you want.

"It's like I'm
right there
with you,
guiding you to
a better swing."

Hank Haney

Great tool for Junior Golfers

"The PlaneFinder helps junior golfers find and develop an on plane swing, one of the first steps towards a lifetime of great golf."

  - Hank Haney

Hank Haney is a world-renowned golf teacher who has taught thousands of lessons to golfers of all skills, from beginners to the world number one golfer. Hank has made swing plane the cornerstone of his teaching.

Hank is also the star of Golf Channel's all-time highest rated original programming, The Haney Project, whose past co-stars have included Charles Barkley, Ray Romano and most recently Rush Limbaugh.

Gary is a six-time PGA Tour Champion and Network golf analyst. Koch turned professional in 1975, and won six events as a professional on the PGA Tour during the 1970s and 1980s.

Rusty came up with the idea of the PlaneFinderâ„¢ in 2008 while helping a friend with his swing. In 2009 at the PGA golf show Rusty showed Hank his idea and together they collaborated to bring the PlaneFinder together. Rusty is a former professional golfer and regained his amateur status in 2004.

"The PlaneFinder Rocks!!!!!!"
      - Sara Brown - LPGA Tour Player

"Being a former professional athlete and knowing what it takes to train like a pro, all I can say is thank you PlaneFinder!!!"
      - Roger Brown - Superbowl Champion Giants

"If you are swinging on plane it's hard to hit bad shots. That's the bottom line."
      - Howard - FL

"Thanks Hank! The PlaneFinder has changed my game. I am hitting the ball longer and straighter. I used to slice but I have started to see a few draws!"
      - Clint - Long Beach, CA

"OMG!!!! I never could stop coming over the top because I couldn't ever FEEL it. The PlaneFinder is so easy to use and tells me everything I need to know."
      - Marc - Oakland, CA

"I dropped my handicap from a 10 to a 5 AND PLAN ON GETTING TO A SCRATCH! Thank you PlaneFinder and thanks Hank."
      - Bryan - Bethesda, MD

Hank Haney Plane Finder

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