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Think and Reach Par (Compact Disc)
The Mental Side of Golf in a Workable System

You can use this newly revised and updated 17 year old tested and proven system to take 2-10 strokes off YOUR score in ONE hour. You can join the scores of golfers who already have used this system to improve instantly.

THINK AND REACH PAR (TARP) is a system developed by Master Golf Pro G. Jay Alexander that tells you exactly what to think on the course. It is like having a Master Professional as a caddie, guiding you through every shot.

The TARP System allows you to eliminate the mental mistakes from your game. You listen to the audio program, you play better golf…forever. Guaranteed.

As simple as it sounds to you, it really works. Here's why:
Most golfers don't know what or how to think on the course. The TARP System gives you the basic mental "keys" and you always think the right thoughts. You can't help yourself because it is an automatic process.

Here are a few of the TARP System keys that have helped golfers for over 17 years to dramatically lower their scores in ONE hour:
  • How to overcome tee-fright and perform like a champion
  • The secret relaxation technique used by the big bux pros
  • The one mistake made by 87% of all golfers that slice the ball
  • A putting training trick that can cut 6-9 strokes off average golfers scores
  • The results of over 10,000 golf swings videotaped and analyzed
The TARP System is not about psychological mumbo jumbo…but is based upon a 1000 year old teaching system that "flashes" information directly into your brain so you will never forget it. It is called the "acronym" teaching system.

Here is an example of that teaching system in action: What are the Great Lakes of North America? Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior. If you remember the acronym HOMES, you will never forget the Great Lakes; it is almost impossible.

The TARP System works the same way: Tee Shot…Approach Shot…Recovery Shot…Putting
The TARP System covers the mental side of golf like a tarpaulin covers the baseball diamond during a rain delay. It becomes impossible for you to think the wrong thoughts when you use the TARP System.
    "Think And Reach Par helped me take 12 strokes off my score instantly."
           Dale Lee
           13 handicapper at Fox Den Golf Course
           Stow, Ohio.

    "The TARP System keeps me mentally focused so I can execute a good swing…
    it has really helped my game."

           Ty Rone
           8 handicap at Valley View Golf Course
           Akron, Ohio.

    "I wish someone had taught me how to think when I first learned how to play, it would have saved me years of frustration and bad rounds, thanks to Jay Alexander and his tarp system, I'm playing the best game of my life."
           Nelle Marie a 22 handicap
           Lake Worth, FL.
You can play better golf instantly, simply by listening to a special audio program recorded live by G. Jay Alexander, the creator of the TARP System. Jay has been teaching the game since 1974, he's forgotten more about golf than many of today's young pros know. You can buy a few golf balls for the cost of the audio program, you can buy a lunch somewhere, or you can invest in your game and use the TARP System for the rest of your life to play better golf.

You can lower your golf score now!

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