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How To Play An UNKNOWN Course
The Secrets the Pros Use to Play Unknown Golf Courses

Whether you travel and play golf, vacation, do business, or visit friends and family and play golf, every time you play a golf course you’ve never played before, it could be a disaster.

You could be a very good golfer and still embarrass yourself at an unknown course. If you are an average golfer, that embarrassment is almost guaranteed.

Unless you have the secrets of the Big Bux pros. Those guys and gals who make their living playing on different courses week after week after week. How do they do it?

They have something you don’t - They have KNOWLEDGE

They know what to look for, what to be aware of, what to avoid when they play a course that is unfamiliar. They have SECRETS. And now you can have the secrets too.

People count on How to Play an Unknown Course
"Jay Alexander is a very pleasant coach to listen to. He teaches you everything about how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for an unknown golf course. For someone who has not played in the USA before, this tape will be a great help. For the beginner or novice I would definitely recommend this tape!"
         Nicholas John Martin
         Webmaster: The Elite TeamUP

"I travel a lot in my work and play a lot of different courses. Gordon's suggestions on preparing to play away from home will really make a big difference. The tape is packed full of very useful information and is delivered in an easy to understand format. Thanks again for tipping me off to this great program."
         Bryan Rodruck
         Redmond WA

HOW TO PLAY AN UNKNOWN GOLF COURSE is a special audio program recorded by Master Golf educator G. Jay Alexander. Jay has spent the last 26 years teaching golf to scores of students in Northeast Ohio. His popular program THINK AND REACH PAR has been heard by thousands. Now you can get Jay’s secrets, the ones he has only shared with his own students until recently.

Here are a few of the secrets you’ll learn on the audio program HOW TO PLAY AN UNKNOWN GOLF COURSE:
  • The optical illusions created by the course designer to trick you into making a bad shot and how to recognize and avoid these fatal mistakes.
  • The one secret of WATER that will make you an expert on even the most difficult of unknown courses.
  • How today’s designer is actually helping you to achieve a lower score, if you follow his/her simple directions.
  • The one piece of equipment you must have to understand an unknown course’s biggest challenge.
  • How to crack the secret code printed on every scorecard that could save you many strokes.
You can master a course you have never set foot on before, if you are armed with the right KNOWLEDGE about the course before you take the first swing. All the secrets are revealed to you on this live recording of HOW TO PLAY AN UNKNOWN COURSE by G. Jay Alexander

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