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Brush T

Improve your game from the ground up!
Brush-T allows you to drive your ball farther and more accurate without changing your driver!
Hit further.
The bristles just
go with the stroke.

brush tee brush-t

  • Straighter shots due to less spin imparted on the ball

  • Consistent distance advanatage for vital extra yards

  • Consistency of teeing height

  • Less spin on the ball and more ball on the club face

  • Less resistance and deflection

  • Lasts longer as the Brush-T can be used over and over again
brush-t, brush tee

Brush-T utilizes flexible synthetic bristles that bend on impact to tee up the ball, creating a feel of driving the ball off the air. Less resistance produces dramatically longer and straighter drives.

The Brush-T reduces resistance ordinarily encountered at the point of impact, and restores that stolen velocity, allowing the ball to travel the maximum distance possible. Independent testing has proven that golfers can gain up to 7 yards additional driving yards.
With the Brush Tee
you'll hit straighter!

You'll never see a
cleaner take off stroke
The unique qualities of Brush-T mean that the sidespin or interference, all too often associated with plastic or wooden tees, can be eliminated. The bristles provide raised support for the ball, but still give us unprecedented flexibility and remarkable improvement in the dispersion rate, thereby great accuracy.

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3 Wood T
2 Packs (6 Tees)
Driver T
2 Packs (6 Tees)
Oversize T
2 Packs (6 Tees)
2 Packs (4 Tees)

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