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Shur-Shift Helps eliminate sculls, shanks and other mis-hits ... promotes proper weight shift!

Beginning golfers as well as seasoned shot-makers will beneift from a more proper and smoother weight shift which helps eliminate those "fat" and other mishits.

Proper weight shift is the most important segment of the golf swing. It is also the most difficult to teach and to learn. Without it, the best oversized clubs, titanium heads, and bubble shafts are a waste because of the golfer's inability to get off the right foot. In golf circles, it's known as 'coming off the shot.'
The Shur-Shift golf shoe insert is biomechanically sculptured to elevate the outside of the right foot (right-handers), which forcefully naturalizes this very important segment and makes for a more powerful move through the hitting zone.
The ergonomically contoured heel and toe portions of this remarkable device allow for in-shoe comfort while eliminating undesirable rollover to the outside of the foot. This precision molded insert is highly flexible but not compressible and can be easily trimmed along indicated lines for men sizes
8 to 12.

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