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Dura-Pro High Tech Golf Mat
& High Velocity Golf Cage Combo


High Velocity Golf Cage  (10'h x 10'w x 10'd)      
+ High Tech Golf Mat (1' x 2')
$50 FREE Training Accessories! Build it Your Way!

  • Spacious 10' High x 10' Wide x 10' Deep Golf Cage

  • Ideal for both commercial and residential use

  • Cage is constructed of dense UV treated 7/8" black heavy duty mesh for maximum life

  • Best quality on the market!

  • Black netting

High Velocity NettingTM

High Velocity Netting
High Velocity Impact Baffle

The safety back High Velocity Impact Baffle Panel is constructed of heavy duty Archery Netting.

The High Velocity Baffle Panel is hung separately, adding a second layer of protection.
Comes with
a target!

FREE 1" frame corners are included for you to construct your own frame.

You will need to purchase twelve 10' lengths of EMT steel (conduit) to complete your frame. The EMT steel can be found at most home improvement stores and is very inexpensive.

Lowe's EMT Steel Conduit SKU # 72715
Home Depot EMT Steel Conduit SKU # 580015

Assembly is very easy!

   STEP 1:    Is the High Tech Golf Mat Right For You?!
The Rugged High Tech Golf Mat is 1' x 2'

Portable, Extreme Durability, Perfect for Golfers of All Levels

Dura-ProTM Shock Elimination Technology!TM NO CLUB SHOCK!
Exclusively from D W Quail Golf
Patented High Tech MatTM

Super Shock-Absorbtion!

Swing as hard as you want...

as often as you want...

... without bone-jaring shocks to wrists and elbows!

Ergonomically designed practice mat
that soaks up shock like a sponge!

Includes 1 rubber tee and 1 Friction Tee (for your wood tee)!

   STEP 2:    Add to Cart and Start Improving Your Game!
Dura-Pro High Tech Mat + High Velocity Golf Cage Practice Station
Prices include High Velocity Golf Cage and the Golf Mat You Choose PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
High Velocity Golf Cage (Cage Only) $269.00 Add To Cart CHECK OUT
Cage + 1x2 High Tech Golf Mat    $330.90 Add To Cart CHECK OUT

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